The Lowe Doors was created in 2005 by experienced qualified individuals with passion and love for the subject,with a marketing view and installation: security parking shutter,industrial automation and door systems,security entrances and parking spaces.

The company's growth was rapid with the results seem to be just a year of partnerships and large turnover. The Lowe Doors managed to work with major foreign companies to directly import and develop track processing to achieve better prices,but delivery times and rates to clients.

Developed in little time a research and development department to provide integrated security solutions in the case of houses and other workplaces increased protection required.With criteria of quality products,low prices on customer-centric approach,the company offers many solutions for each type in order to cover any customer desire depending on any economic price. Specialized and experienced partners we guarantee the proper and prompt placement of the Lowe Doors products and other direct service.

The customer feedback helps us to provide solutions to reach quality, safety and design products with the lowest possible price.

"Our philosophy is a direct relationship with the customer before and after provided services. Our principle the best product at lowest possible price. Our gain is our satisfied customers."